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You Design It, We Build It!

Discover how easy it is to save money getting just what you had in mind with our "Furniture that Fits" approach and enjoy the many proven benefits!

You don't have to travel the globe to find the right style and size. No need to entertain a parade of contractors while trying to make sense of the wide range of prices and options. Most importantly, no Internet roulette buying unseen glossy photo furniture. At Unfinished Business, you never have to guess because we only sell Real Wood Furniture!

When you visiting our location on Route 53 in Hanover, you'll have the luxury and safety of experiencing the quality of the products along with high level of service first hand! Just as we've been satisfying customers for decades! We would love to help you create your solution today!

Give us a call at 781-826-6447 or stop on in today!!

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First, choose from our selection of 8 completely different styles and types of wood. Then pick from our 247 stock sizes or a custom size. Next, choose doors or flush cuts to tailor your cabinet your need. And finally, choose the special stain or paint color or perhaps a combination with a worn of glazed look to truly make it your own.


  1. Select Your Style, Wood & Size
  2. Customize with Doors or Flush Cuts
  3. Select a Stain, Paint or Glaze Finish